Monday, May 01, 2006


It’s a funny old thing, this life. We can stopper uncertainty with deities or for the monotheist ‘A Deity’, one almighty and omnipotent answer. But it isn’t enough. How can absolutes satiate the folly of curiosity? The phones are playing up and the television has a bad reception; I don’t have digital, I have background cosmic radiation as a constant fauna to the electronic theatre. I need reasons damn it.

So life, it’s a funny old thing, this…this retelling of stories, this always relearning, remembering, the function of our essential absurd, that through pain each generation must grow, remaking the books because we have to know, jump, scream and love that which also destroys us.

Mr Meister my electronic stranger I’m sorry about Toni. I feel now that I should have sent a reply to a small comment that she left attached to my last post saying I could mail anytime. That was really very kind of her to respond like that. Then I read about her tough time with credit cards and I knew that I should have written back and left a few words of wisdom. I got caught up with cards too.

I got myself into a terrible mess a couple of years ago and made myself bankrupt to get away from a similar amount to that which she currently owes. It kept me from much sleep and so much life that I missed, burrowed behind closed curtains and an impossibly shrinking room. I know what it’s like and recovery is slow, my old life distant and a new one trying hard to be careful. Toni, when so many envelopes build like so much decaying matter, fecund like cancer, escape is always an option but never an answer. Still, nothing wrong with a little distance from the fog for a while, but on another credit card? Oh the pornography of desire. I think though that you should give those that care the opportunity to help. Talk to the man. There’s nothing worse than not being given the opportunity to offer a possible means of resolve. Get yourself a ticket back perhaps, think about it clearly, there are worse things than debt and, hey a little bankruptcy isn’t a bad thing these days. In fact, I’m reliably informed that it’s the new black. In addition, think of it as a little covert manoeuvring against the hegemony of the bastard card peddlers. Look after yourself girl.

As for that very kind offer J it’s not a bad idea at all. We should get in touch and make some arrangements, but this is the net man, are you sure? I mean I might not be what I seem to be, might be someone else, not Brim at all. Hope the Blue turns out smooth.

As for Ezra Kire what happened, are you now a voice from beyond? If so can we all have a detailed report on the Messiahs full reading list? Thanks and by the way, while you’re in there as it were, please help feed all the starving people in the world. Also could you put an end to all the Machiavellian black-op’s, blatant-op’s period, collateral damage, hydrogenated fats, ugly housing estates, anything called art made with corporate sponsorship and, oh yeah, pay off Smooth Blues credit cards. If there’s one small favour left at the bottom of the bag, clean slate my bank account and credit history please. I hope that’s not an all too idealistic selection of requests. Can I rise now? Humbly, Brim.


At 3:32 pm, Blogger Smooth Blue said...

Brim, thank you for the advice. You are such a sensible man. Toni


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