Wednesday, May 31, 2006


As an aside I must mention that in my most basic inventory I have the heart of Classic Doll. When I’d arrived back from shopping for the essential underwater travel accessories, Newts energy had to be ramped up from the closest source. This was an essential requirement after giving me directions to the tank and then exporting me in the manner of projection that brought me here. For Doll law in this instance to be respected one must be stabbed by another and so, in a dramatic leap of faith from one point to the other Classic doll dived, aiming for Newts chest, as if into water herself.

Impaled to the core, Newt spent five minutes with his eyes rolled upwards in ecstasy, his back arching over slowly as the little body was wrenched by taught ligaments. With Newt arranged in this position Classic pointed upwards and away from his chest like a penis. When she was spent, her sacrifice fulfilled, milked, the husk toppled slowly away from newt inert. As she did and lay down next to her receivers replenished, risen feet, Classic dolls desiccated chest rent open like a dried peel of fruit secreted of all its pulp and out from this cavity a final ejaculation of sympathetic nervous energy vented her heart. I had to bring that little mechanism with me and I have it here now as a bulge in my pocket.


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