Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Spineless rat spread out and wired for insight on the ground and beneath an averaged height outdoor clothesline. Rattus Anoono bathed in etiquette of mirth and dandelion. Pulled out and sung to from a distance. The small voice undulation that arises over and above any wind or direct breeze impact resonates the voided, spineless rat as hi-tone modulation. This in turn and of an occasion inspires black birds with a certain predilection to the attractive qualities of a certain timbre to grace the evening brighter. ‘Sqee ack ack ta wee wee Sqee nata nee nee sqee.’ The significance of the line is the magic quality of surrogate spine to which it has succumbed as Succubus to need.

It is always a gamble.

Anti-aging cream in easy jars. Destructible virtual environments to bite through from a static position like the nail to hammer into African sculptures for release of bad spirit. Effigies of pillow and string reach out to mimesis, hung from poles, waiting for lead. Sleepless nights tossed on the tide of times slow resolution. Poured turpentine on fresh oil on wood, decaying the inaudible stutter of a poorly rendered face. This instrument of bricks and mortar, this house, like a musical pipe for the breath of traffic.


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