Saturday, March 18, 2006


Listening to Ezra Kire this morning on digital I gather all the remotes from around the house together and lash them up with Sellotape. Next thing I go off in search of some kind of wire, find some old broken curtain cord that might be suitable and fiddling with that, pulling at these shelves, books and stuff bramble out all over the floor. When I’ve wrapped up the remotes in some old mobile charger cable that I’d found Mr Salvo calls round. He sees what I’ve done, whips out his pen, sits down and starts drawing. So I have to tell Brian about why I’ve got all this stuff tied up. Last night I had this dream. It took place in the kitchen and all it is is this wrap of remotes floating above this little table with my fruit bowl broken open on the top. When Brian was finished it was five thirty so I had to wrack the whole thing apart to turn the TV on for Neighbours.


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