Monday, March 20, 2006


I had this dream last night about a small building surrounded by barbed wire. In the background there’s a mountain and this overbearing presence, I can feel this weight on my chest, a shrouded figure, a woman I think and she kneels down on me and starts whining like a radio trying to find a station on Longwave. When I woke up there was a storm outside and about an hour left before I was due to get up for work. At the café I slipped on a cat shit in the dining area. I surfed Dinks’ turd, that’s Mr Salvos’ cat across the whole room and lost my shoe, it carried on without me and out into the kitchen. I ended up on my back and all I could see was the lampshade above me. I hadn’t cleaned that shade for a while and it was hanging with webs and an old Christmas streamer from last year. When Brian gets in at 9.30 to fire up the kitchen I’ve cleaned everything up and I tell him about Dinks incident and my directly associated accident whilst holding Dink in my arms. Dink farts. He’s an old cat, about eight or nine I think and heavy from customer scraps. I didn’t mention the shade. Brians’ got a skin complaint on his face and uses a cream for it now. He’s been wearing the prescription everyday for about two weeks so he’s been coming in early and keeping scarce so that the customers don’t get freaked out.


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